• FIRST DEREK. Do I have to explain myself ? 
  • Then Stydia. Like I don’t even care why he hugs her and if it’s just friendly or if they make-out right after. I am at a point where I want them to talk. Also I want them to have babies and get married and have a great life and be happy together. 
  • And Peter. I am done with this motherfufjez I started to like. I am in fact really angry because he fooled everyone. We all knew he was going to make his come-back as the bad guy but damn, I felt so much betrayed when I saw the end of the trailer. 

Also it’s 3AM so my english is the worst and I didn’t talk about Stydia as much as I wanted so I’m gonna sleep. 

tw teen wolf

Anonyme a demandé:

I looooooved don't say a word. Those fics you posted are so good. And wardrobe!

Krys Harper Répondre:

Don’t say a word is perfect, because it’s full of the Stydia we don’t have on the show now (because we’ll have it). And I really can’t explain how much I love wardrobe, even if the end made me cry a bit. 

Glad you liked them :)



I know we all have our differences but long story short we all support each other and care for each other in the end. Well The Legend of Korra fandom is not being treated fairly WHAT SO EVER. I have a proposal. You don’t HAVE TO do as i’m about to ask but it would be of up-most help for us in the…

Pleeeease, I am in France, so I can’t support the show… Would someone mind doing it for me ? 

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