Maybe there is a Lydia side-show we missed ? I really want to understand in what context this “Lydia-centric season” bullshit make sense

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You know how it’s going to end ?
We’ll have season 5. And we’ll probably have more Stalia or whatever. And Lydia is going to end with Parrish or whatever. But then, since it’ll be the end of the show (well I hope because they can’t go farther if they don’t want to ruin the show) we’ll have a scene showing the lifes of whoever survived season 5. And first we’ll see a kid. And the kid will run into Stiles arms and call him Daddy. And Stiles will go kiss is wife. And we’ll be all like “pff must be Malia he was dating her and all for the whole season”. But then you realize. The kid is strawberrie blond. And when you see the face of Stiles’ wife all you can do is smile and think “You Jeff Davis motherfucker”.

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I bet five bucks something is going to be set up for parrish and lydia for next season 

Oh yeah, this season has had a lot of predictability tbh

It’s Jeff Davis. He confirmed Stydia and then changed his mind. You can’t follow the signs with this guy. Maybe he’ll just decide that Parrish and Scott are soulmates and do the last season only showing them on their honeymoon.

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I haven’t seen the episode yet, but I can feel the disappointement of other Stydia shippers from here. Do Stiles and Lydia even stand in the same room this time ?

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